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Global L&D Strategy helps Firm Integrate and Achieve Strategic Objectives

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Subcategory: Staff Development

Designed and implemented global L&D curriculum to assist integration and align our 54 offices with the business’s global strategy. This ensures that clients receive the same quality of service everywhere. Designed and delivered six International Academies and eight masterclasses focused on ensuring our people understand our history, culture, systems and processes. The Academies align with job roles, functions and levels of seniority. Training is tailored to local needs whilst ensuring that our people have the knowledge and skills – e.g. delegation, time management, project management, business development and financial management – that they need to be effective.

– 33 partner promotions announced globally in April 2013, of which 42% were women (following on from 36 announced globally in April 2012, of which 44% were women)
– Global revenue estimated at approximately $1.9 billion US following our US combination in June 2013 (up from $1.334 billion reported in 2012/13)
– Employer most lawyers would like to work for (Employee Satisfaction report, Legal Week 2013 and 2012)
– Go to firm for clients with in-house legal teams who need training globally

We take an organisational development approach to the design and delivery of L&D. Our expert in-house team produces 94% of our global curriculum without external supplier assistance. This has the advantage of fast response, consistency and the delivery of programmes perfectly tailored to the needs of our business. This approach differs from the industry norm: external consultants and buying in. The introduction and operation of a global strategy that works is an industry first (recognised by the Law Society in 2013). It has brought the first integrated learning and development platform to lawyers in Australia, Canada, South Africa and the USA.[/one_half_last]

Needed to persuade people of the importance of investing in the global curriculum and the benefits it would bring. To some extent the critical importance of travelling to meet with colleagues face to face in order to build trust was underestimated (on grounds of cost). Starting the global roll out while introducing incoming firms to the strategy and approach, whilst delivering training in other countries, created a huge workload.

Align your L&D goal(s) with the organisation’s strategy. Have big dreams, push and brave the risks that come from doing something different. Use the language of business: percentages, cost savings, profitability, business growth, brand, etc. to make connections and gain traction with your project. People enjoy being involved in innovation once they understand the plan and the reasons for it. Use sponsors or champions to help win support for your initiative. Never give up – change takes time. Share what you have learned on the way – both positive and negative as it will help others and you’ll gain too.[/one_half_last]