Napp New Manager Network
Following the journey of the Napp New Manager Network

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Subcategory: Staff Development

The New Manager Network is an initiative which supports new managers to be even more effective in their roles. This has been achieved by listening to key stakeholders (within and beyond the network) and identifying what topics/sessions and learning styles are most relevant. This project has also been a success as it was set up to ensure it was aligned with the broader strategic approaches to management training and organisational development with the Company.

The new management community have built closer relationships with their peers across the Company in addition to gaining further knowledge of business related topics, learning different leadership styles as well as taking time to reflect and learn more about themselves as managers. This network has enabled them to take the space to step back from the day job and focus on how to develop themselves.

The New Manager Network is unique by how it has evolved depending on the needs of the business and the individuals. The network’s original format back in September 2012, was the scheduling of quarterly learning sessions which focussed on business topics facilitated by a topic expert from with the Company. Built into the project from its beginning was a commitment to constantly evaluate its value to ensure that it continued to meet its original aims and objectives. Through this evaluative approach, the network has now evolved into a combination of quarterly learning sessions facilitated by the existing network members.[/one_half_last]

Following a formal evaluation process in May 2013 it was flagged that that the business needed to focus better on how this learning was then taken back into the workplace. To improve this, we now continually communicate with the manager’s of the individuals to ensure they are up to date with the learning topics and themes emerging from the network so they can assist us in measuring this learning.

The New Manager Network is a simple but effective solution to empowering new managers within an organisation to drive their own development whilst building closer networks with peers and improving knowledge on different areas of the business. It has been a success as it was created by listening to the relevant stakeholders in the Business and the solution was shaped depending on their needs.[/one_half_last]