Turkcell PAF 2014
How to attain, assess and recruit Generation Y?

[/one_third_last] Category: People & Performance
Subcategory: Recruitment, Talent & Leadership
Awards won: Recruitment, Talent & Leadership and IT & Communications

In the changing landscape of graduate recruitment, the more businesses strive to understand generation Y and tailor their recruitment strategy accordingly, the more they will be able to draw on its multitude of talents. Turkcell has embraced this change and implemented new approaches to recruitment process of its internship program named Turkcell PAF which are specifically tailored to Generation Y candidates.
We conducted in-depth research which examines recruitment needs and aspirations of Generation Y and implemented a new communication strategy and innovative recruitment tools such as online game, video recruitment and peer interview to recruit the most talented candidates.

New recruitment strategy delivered benefits for all parties:
Candidates: More candidates had the chance to be assessed. 8200 candidates participated in online game and 1000 in video recruitment. Formerly we had to eliminate most of the candidates by filtering resumes in the first step. They also gained the flexibility and fun.
HR: Recruiters saved time and avoid operational work. They also had the chance to develop their online assessment skills.
Organisation: We received 11.000 applications through the communication campaign. New design reduced costs by 92%. Online recruitment strengthened our technology and innovation based employer brand and increased the quality of the recruited candidates.

Gen Y candidates need flexibility, fun and online engagement in a recruitment process. That’s why we conducted a communication campaign by using technology and guerrilla marketing. We designed a special QR Code visual to use in university zones which directed candidates to our microsite that gives detailed information about the program and allowed them apply in 4 steps. We used social media very effectively and reached 1.2 million people. We developed an online game which not only measured cognitive abilities, but also offered real fun. We used an innovative video question to measure their creativeness and give them the flexibility.[/one_half_last]

We gained so many benefits through the research of Generation Y and redesign of recruitment strategy. We continuously request feedback from our candidates and recruiters and track social media to improve our process.
We gave candidates only a weekend to complete the online game to avoid fraud, but we monitored negative feedback on social media that they needed more time. And then we gave the whole week for the video recruitment step. We also realized that our recruiters had some difficulties while assessing candidate videos. Next year we’ll train the recruitment team more on assessment tools before the process starts.

Gen Y demand different things from their careers than older members of the workforce. They are eager to learn. They place the interest and enjoyment of work before salary. And they want to work flexibly. Understanding this segment of the population and
their work aspirations is essential to shape employee value proposition to attract and recruit the best talent.
Highlighting the technology and innovation aspects of our employer brand brought us the right talent. Designing more flexible and entertaining recruitment tools helped us to gain candidate satisfaction. We received great feedback from our candidates, recruiters and business managers.[/one_half_last]