Flex Benefits System
Flexibility in the Employee Journey: the Flex Benefits System

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Flex benefits system is developed for four Turkcell group companies in order to give 4850 employees the opportunity to manage their total benefits budget regarding their personal needs.
Every year, during flex benefit selection period, employees distribute their individual benefit budget among 30 different options offered, through a web based system. The system provides a customized solution to realize an individualized experience with user-friendly, simple and reliable design.
We are able to let our employees decide according to their own preferences and at the same time manage the whole operational process and the budget more effectively and efficiently.

Standard benefit package we offered previously was incapable of matching requirements of all employees. Flex benefits solution with new process and system increased total usage of benefits from 60% to 95% and helped us to manage benefits budget more effectively, by achieving 5% saving.
4850 employees in 15 segments from 4 different group companies, completed their selections within 30 different benefit options with an average time of five minutes. Compared with the previous system, we achieved 33% saving in total selection time. Even with additional operational workload, this massive process is completed within 3 days managed only by 1 administrator.

Flex benefits system aims to create a customized experience with simple interfaces where employees feel free to manage their budget according to their own preferences by monitoring the contents of benefits from one simple screen.
The system is structured like an online shopping website where employees can monitor the contents of each benefit and select by putting them on their shopping cart. Via automatic calculations, employees can monitor budget effect of the preferences instantly. They can distribute their budget within different options or even donate to social responsibility projects simultaneously. Also they can compare their current selections with past preferences.[/one_half_last]

Every year, employees evaluate the process via an online survey. Their evaluations and expectations about the content of benefits and overall process give us important insights for future developments. Last year 92% of employees stated that they are highly satisfied with the overall flex benefits system.
The most important challenge that we faced during the project was to handle wide variety of employee segments and exceptions within the project budget and plan. Every exception might have lengthen implementation phase and made it difficult to manage the setup processes so we found an optimum way to manage it.

Flex benefits system is an amazing tool for companies that care about employee well-being, individual needs and demands. The idea is based on creating freedom areas and thus satisfying employees without increasing the total benefits’ budget.
By creating customized solutions, not only we managed to use the budget more efficiently and effectively but also we increased employee awareness about the benefits they have. Flex benefits proves how well employees respond to technological solutions when they meet with their actual needs. It is the most popular HR solution in Turkcell, nearly 80% of employees complete their selections on the 1st day.[/one_half_last]