The Triple Glazing Question: an Industry Forum
How the Triple Glazing Question brought an Industry together

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The goal was to reach as many people as possible to create an inclusive debate. TGQ live attracted over 600 registered attendees, double what we predicted. It outperformed all expectations both in numbers and content delivered on the day. Engagement in the room and Expert Arena was more than matched by the frenzy of activity on Twitter. The numbers show there were 231 tweets to @tripleglazingq on the day, 88 posts by @tripleglazingq and 116 retweets creating a huge reach with 177,300 impressions.
The press coverage was unprecedented with three top trade magazines giving a double page spread or more.

Triple Glazing was being discussed by pockets of the window industry but there was a definite head in the sand approach by other parts of the community. Through Triple Glazing Question (TGQ) it has become the most talked about topic and there’s an understanding of the facts throughout the entire supply chain.
We brought together key speakers throughout the industry, and got the Trade press on board. Over 250,000 invitations were sent through stakeholders, press and partners.
Increased volumes of Triple Glazing would impact on manufacturers, and TGQ meant we could give them information for them to make informed decisions.

At the end of 2013 Edgetech identified a potential problem for the window industry. The market share for triple glazing was steadily growing. Historically the UK has followed the German glazing market. Today Germany installs 60 per cent triple glazing and it grew from 20 per cent to these figures in just three years. There would be serious issues if this happened in the UK and it could threaten the supply chain.
The problem was that there wasn’t a forum for discussion. TGQ was created to give the complete supply chain a platform for everyone free of charge to everyone.[/one_half_last]

Although attendance was good throughout the supply chain we would have liked more engagement with installers. We are working hard to increase engagement through the subsequent press coverage and at an industry trade show. To make it more relevant we are introducing tools to attract installers to engage including a triple glazing profit calculator so they can sell more triple glazing and protect or enhance their margins.

The overall aim of TGQ was that everyone affected would have the right information to make their own decisions about triple glazing. Whether selling or installing, making frames or glazed units or manufacturing components including hardware and spacers, there would be a real understanding of what adding or increasing triple glazed volumes would mean to them.
The industry has never worked together with such openness. When Gaby Mendham, an expert speaker, stated it took 90% additional material to manufacture Triple Glazed units there was audible intake of breath. This was the defining moment of the day.[/one_half_last]