Transforming Environment, Attitude and Behaviours
Back of House…Front of Mind

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Many retailers forget about their stores’ Back of House. ‘Why invest, it won’t make me money?’ Primark have ‘bucked the trend’ because we recognise the importance of a motivating work environment. We know it’s instrumental in affecting positive change….in staff, their engagement with customers and sales.
This design transformation project covers all aspects of the work environment, our people and their performance. Not just the infrastructure of the lighting, flooring, furniture etc, we’ve created a new colourful visual language, that’s highly considered, that stimulates the senses, that totally focuses on preparing and dealing with the customer…and it’s working!

The feedback is overwhelmingly positive, being dubbed a ‘Google office for stores’. Feedback surveys scored up to 24% higher on areas like ‘Communication’ and ‘Teamwork’ versus the Primark average. This impact also encompasses productivity levels eg;

• Time spent with customers increased by c.10% resulting from ‘on-the-go’ Wi-fi
• Open-plan environment means more efficient staff briefings with on average 11% more time spent on the shop floor.
• Absenteeism has decreased by over two-thirds since the introduction of the new BOH, compared to like-stores
• Customer service and engagement researched as No.1 important issue unprompted

This design transformation project is radical and industry leading. ‘Putting the customer first’ is our mantra and much is written on this in training manuals and briefed to new hires during the recruitment process. This new Back of House has provided the opportunity to bring these key points to life…in important ‘en route’ locations, in colourful and importantly……memorable ways. Simplicity and clarity being the keys to success.
The whole environment has been fundamentally changed all aimed at staff motivation, the feel-good factor and providing prompts and triggers that help the staff be better informed and effectively interact with our customer.[/one_half_last]

The expectation for all store staff is high as we are a very sales-performance driven culture. To deliver the best customer value, we place large emphasis on customer empowerment and self-select of our products. However, the role of store staff remains vital. Effective staff/customer interface is key.
There is a major drive internally on improved customer service and there is much to do. The entire BOH has been designed now as stimulus for improved customer engagement and it’s working. Even basic, simple message reminders to ‘Smile’ at the customer are making a huge difference.

This design project has far exceeded expectation. Aside from the totally new colourful look and feel of the environment, the focus on the way we impart information, facilitate peer to peer information sharing, remind our audience about the importance of the customer and serving them well, this project has invigorated and energised staff. They now feel better equipped and confident to approach, aid and assist customers in their purchase decision-making.[/one_half_last]