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FINALIST: Tesco.com in association with NKD Learning
Entry Title: Delivering our Best Service
Talk Title: Delivering our Best Service
Category: Customer Engagement
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A competitor was entering the online grocery market and we had identified 51 stores that stood to be impacted. In order to make sure that Tesco lived up to its vision of being loved by its customers, the 1500 delivery drivers needed to become emotionally and rationally connected to delivering their best service to customers. The success of these 51 trial stores led to a national role out to the rest of the business and further modules. This “curriculum” of inspiring, engaging culture change modules has contributed to a fantastic year of business growth for Tesco.com.

This material is now included in all new colleague training.


51 trial stores before national roll out:

– 38% increase in customer compliments
– Out performance of the rest of the business by 4%
– Satisfaction with Helpfulness of Driver up 4%
– Satisfaction with Freshness up 4%
– Delivery of the ‘Perfect Order’ up 7%

On national roll out:

– Online market share up by 3.8%
– Retention of loyal shopper up to 68.4%
– ‘Perfect order’ improved 6% on previous year
– Satisfaction with ‘Driver Helpfulness’ achieved a record high of 81.6%



Designing customer service models that are specifically for our customers, based upon our market research, and developing interactive and experiential learning to bring these models to life. Learning with enough variety to appeal to the eight intelligences and all learner preferences is a totally innovative way for us to develop our colleagues.

Creating a suite of modules for all colleague groups within Tesco.com enables enough knowledge saturation to change an organisational culture.

Starting by reigniting purpose – gaining commitment through engagement, and moving learning away from a “we tell, you do” proposition.



Tesco has been through one of its most challenging years on record. Tesco.com remains a ray of light within the vast organisation. It’s year on year growth of 17% and market share increase to 49.3% mean it has become one of Tesco’s biggest growth areas.

On the success of this programme we used direct insights from thousands of colleagues to develop a ‘Leading Our Best Service day’ for managers, a customer service programme for Customer Service & Loyalty Assistants, and Click & Collect. By saturating the business with these positive injections all across the board, we truly were able to change the culture of Tesco.com.