There’s just three things to know about Peer Awards packages and fees
1. If your entry is not shortlisted then no fee applies.
2. Each shortlisted entry needs a Finalist Pack.
3. Have more exposure, participation and support with Premium Options.

Every company shortlisted speaks at the Peer Awards Conference and appears in the Peer Awards Winners Supplement in The Independent newspaper.

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Or you can find the same information in PDF form:
Packages & Fees
 [/fusion_old_tab] [tab] Participation is very simple – we require less than 500 words about your entry.
There’s no fee required with your entry.
You just need to tell us with your entry the finalist pack you will want if your entry is shortlisted.
If your entry is not shortlisted, it costs you nothing.

[/fusion_old_tab] [tab] Once your entry is shortlisted then you will need a finalist pack.
Your entry’s chance of being shortlisted is unaffected by the pack you choose.

Company Finalist Pack
@ £10,000

An exclusive page for your brand in our Independent Winners supplement published later this year, featuring your shortlisted entries.

Includes four express packs, submitted by the same person.

Express Finalist Pack
@ £2,500

As for the Late Entry Standard Pack, but with

* A mentor to help you prepare

* Four ceremony places

* 50 words in the Independent

Standard Finalist Pack
Late Entry @ £1,500

All you need to speak at and attend the conference, to be at the awards ceremony and to receive at least a mention in the Independent Winners supplement. You will receive a decision within two working days.[/one_third_last] [callout1] What’s included with each finalist pack

Each element described, with pack differences explained in each instance.[/callout1] [accordion class=’accord1′]

  • The 2013 Peer Awards Conference - at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    Whilst you can just have your Key Speaker attend the conference, all the Packs encourage you to be at least four people for your entry’s day at the conference:

    Give the Talk
    Key Speaker giving your presentation to conference.

    Has no commercial interest in the entry.

    Can respond in your Q&A session.

    Attends whole day and votes as a Peer Award Judge.

    Offer Support
    Fellow professional from your company or partner company.

    Can co-present if no commercial interest.

    Can respond in your Q&A session.

    Attends whole day and votes as a Peer Award Judge.

    Bring Perspective
    A beneficiary of your initiative; not a fellow professional.

    Can co-present if no commercial interest.

    Can respond in your Q&A session.

    Attends whole day and votes, or just your 1/4 day slot.

    Lend Authority
    Your Director/CEO demonstrating their backing.

    Can co-present if no commercial interest.

    Can respond in your Q&A session.

    Attends whole day and votes, or just your 1/4 day slot.


    Extra Places
    See the Premium Options for extra conference places, enhancing your team presence and so more of you may benefit from the inspirational presentations and networking.

    Type of Place
    The “Key Speaker” and “Offer Support” places are Peer Awards Judge whole-day places, and these people are acknowledged as such. If either person stays for part of the conference day instead, and misses some of the voting, then that acknowledgement no longer applies.

  • The 2013 Awards Ceremony - Champagne Afternoon Tea at The Waldorf Hilton

    The 2012 Awards Ceremony - Champagne Afternoon Tea at Royal Horseguards Hotel

    We plan again an exciting and inspirational celebration for all the finalists, and especially for the winners when we announce the results of the votes. At the awards ceremony each winner is presented with a complimentary plaque. Also each finalist is given the certificates awarded to them by the conference judges. These are the actual votes cast by your peers, some with comments from the judges.

    What you already get with the finalist pack you choose

    Company Finalist Pack
    Places for the Key Speaker and nine guests at their own table.
    Express Finalist Pack
    The Key Speaker and three guests receive places at the ceremony.
    Standard Finalist Pack
    The Key Speaker receives a complimentary place at the ceremony.[/one_third_last]

    Extra Places
    See the Premium Options for ceremony places for more colleagues, or your own table, to all bask in your success and network with finalists from all three Peer Awards themes.

    Type of Place
    The complimentary place at the ceremony is for the “Key Speaker” only. In the event that this person cannot attend, you may nominate an alternative person to take their place, but only if they are of at least the same level of seniority and could speak knowledgeably about your entry if invited to do so at the ceremony.

  • Click graphic to view the 2014 finalists supplement

    As a finalist, your entry would feature in the Winners supplement planned in The Independent newspaper after the awards ceremony.

    We undertake at the very least to include your company logo and name in the Winners supplement.

    What you already get in the Winners supplement with the finalist pack you choose

    As a winner
    Company name, logo, entry title & 50 words
    As a finalist (but not a winner)
    Your company name and logo[/one_half_last]

    Greater Media Coverage
    See the Premium Options for gaining more coverage for your entry in The Independent.[/fusion_slide]

  • When you have submitted your entry
    If your written entry is selected then we say that it is “shortlisted”. This means that you are accepted as a finalist.

    The next stage is that you would join a phone conversation for you to be fully aware of key aspects of the Peer Awards, typically with the Director of the Peer Awards.

    We try to not simply reject entries that are not yet ready to be selected. If your entry shows potential but just falls short in some way, we would normally come back to you with ideas about how you might resubmit.

    When your entry is selected
    If everything is in order then we would hope to select your entry as a finalist. We offer guidelines that can help you when preparing your conference presentation if shortlisted. And we may provide you with feedback when you submit any visuals to accompany your conference talk, to help you make them as good as they can be.

    What you already get with the finalist pack you choose

    Company Finalist Pack
    A mentor for each entry.
    Express Finalist Pack
    A mentor.
    Standard Finalist Pack
    A conference call.[/one_third_last]

    Enhanced Team Support
    See the Premium Options for the highly effective support that our Team offers, to help you craft an inspirational conference talk for your entry.

  • [/accordion] [/fusion_old_tab] [tab] You only really need to consider these once your entry is shortlisted.

    The Premium Options

    Each option described, with pack differences explained in each instance.

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  • Recognition for your partner’s association with your entry, giving them quality exposure for their brand at this website, the conference, at the ceremony and in the Independent.

    What your partners already get with the finalist pack you choose

    Company Finalist Pack

    Logo in The Independent and at this website – the Partner Brand option.

    Express Finalist Pack

    Logo in The Independent and at this website – the Partner Brand option.

    Standard Finalist Pack

    You may include mention of your partners in your entry synopsis as appropriate.[/one_third_last]

    Three premium options @ £600 for all three together

    Partner Brand Option
    Exposure in The Independent and throughout
    @ £300

    Partner’s logo (linked to their website) on your showcase page at this site.

    Partner’s brand can be mentioned alongside yours throughout.

    Partner’s logo displayed in the finalists’ logos gallery throughout.

    Partner Place Option
    Attend the Conference and the Ceremony
    @ £495

    Your partner can be with you at conference. They can participate in your Question and Answer session, and can join you at the podium for your talk if they have no commercial interest.

    A place for your partner at the subsequent awards ceremony.

    Partner Guests Option
    Bring clients or prospects to the Conference
    @ £200 for three guests

    What better way to promote your company to your other clients and prospects than to bring them with you to the conference for the day?

    They will witness your client presenting their entry, be inspired by the day’s presentations and help judge the other finalists.[/one_third_last]


    More places
    Your partner can have additional conference and ceremony places for colleagues, clients and prospects at the same rates as apply to you – see the Extra Places section.

    More exposure
    Your partner may wish to benefit even further from their connection with your shortlisted entry in The Independent by taking their own special feature.[/fusion_slide]

  • More time to get your conference presentation visuals accepted.

    What you already get with the finalist pack you choose

    We aim to ensure a very high quality conference with engaging visuals (such as PowerPoint, Prezi and/or video clips), whilst always appreciating that our finalists have many other calls on their time. So we review all conference visuals ahead of time, and support finalists to be as well prepared as possible. Finalists can subsequently tweak their actual presentation at any time before the conference, and are encouraged to bring their final version (which should still essentially be the same as the one that was accepted by us) with them on the day.

    We have these two conditions for accepting visuals to accompany conference talks…

    1. Appropriate
    The content should have text, visuals and messages that are suitable for a professional business conference.
    2. Visual
    No more than ten words on a display.
    No more than a hundred words in total.
    You can distribute a handout at your talk.[/one_half_last]

    Visuals Deadlines
    To submit your acceptable visuals in time for the conference…

    Selected as a finalist before 15th May
    Submit your conference visuals by 6th June 2014.
    … you can extend your deadline date to 20th June 2014 @ £600
    Selected as a finalist after 15th May
    Submit your conference visuals by 20th June 2014.[/one_half_last]

    If we need to decline your submission then it will need to be changed, resubmitted and reviewed by us again. This attracts a £100 admin fee each time, so please do take note of the requirement for your presentation to be appropriate and visual, as explained above. If your entry is not accepted until June the extended deadline fee would also apply.

    Do bring your finished and approved presentation with you on the day.
    If your presentation has not been approved ahead of the conference you will need to give your conference talk without it.
    Do not rely on a good Internet connection for your talk.[/fusion_slide]

  • Places for more colleagues and contacts, at the conference and the awards ceremony.

    The places you get with the finalist packs

    Company Finalist Pack

    For each selected entry:
    > Four conference places
    > Four ceremony places.

    Express Finalist Pack

    For one selected entry:
    > Four conference places
    > Four ceremony places.

    Standard Finalist Pack

    For one selected entry:
    > Four conference places
    > One ceremony place.[/one_third_last]

    More Conference Places

    The whole day as a Peer Awards Judge
    @ £200 per day-place

    Attend all entries for two award categories you choose and vote at the end.

    Included free of charge you get…
    * A 2014 Peer Awards Judge Certificate
    * Inclusion on the online Judges list

    Part of the day as a Conference Delegate
    @ £495 per day-place
    Attend just the sessions you want, and leave before the voting if you wish.

    Additional Beneficiaries
    @ £50 per day-place
    Staying for part or all the day.[/one_half_last] Finalist’s Guests Option
    Bring guests from organisations that have no connection with your entry. Free of charge for up to three guests, staying for the whole day as judges.
    £495 for up to three guest places, not all staying for the day.

    More Ceremony Places
    Fees for places and tables are explained below.


    If some of these places are for colleagues at other companies connected with your entry, you may also want to take a Partner Pack, so they can be acknowledged as well.[/fusion_slide]

  • The 2014 Peer Awards Ceremony is a champagne afternoon cream tea at the Waldorf Hilton London Hotel on Monday 22 September. Plan to arrive between 12:30 and 13:30 for a 14:00 start and a 17:00 finish.

    What you already get with the finalist pack you choose

    Company Finalist Pack

    A table for ten people, including for your key speaker.

    Express Finalist Pack

    Four places at a table, including for your key speaker.

    Standard Finalist Pack

    A place for your key speaker.[/one_third_last]

    Included in the ceremony for each attendee is a drink on arrival, a glass of champagne and a Waldorf Hilton afternoon cream tea, followed by a drink . alongside the post-ceremony informal networking. Each finalist will also receive the certificates that were awarded to them by judges at the conference, and each winner receives an engraved plaque.

    Additional Places
    Each additional single place at the same table is @ £250
    Your own table for up to ten people is @ £2,250

    We expect to open for Awards Ceremony bookings on Monday 9 June. Capacity is limited and places will be allocated on a first come basis.
    Places that come with each Finalist Pack are pre-allocated.

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