for Peer Awards Finalists from previous years interested in
featuring in the first edition of the Peer Awards Book
re-submitting an updated entry for this year’s Peer Awards
attending one of our upcoming Engagement Seminars

To express your interest in participating with us again please complete and send in this form
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Returning Finalist
Please provide your work email at your company's official domain, and not a generic email domain.

The Book

The first edition of the Peer Awards Book is due to be published in January 2020, and is expected to feature 2019 Peer Awards finalists and a selection of finalists from previous years.
The number of previous years' finalists we can feature in the Book depends on the spread of finalists that we nominate in this year's Peer Awards. We anticipate allocating between say 100 and 250 words (a page is around 500 words|) to each entry that we feature. There is no fee for this.
The entry fee is £350 for one initiative and £250 for each additional initiative.
We expect around a fee of around £750 for a dedicated showcase page (around 500 words) in the Book focusing on a company and its initiative, in the Book, £1,500 for a double-page spread
Re-submission for 2019 is included free of charge for those contributing funds for assured inclusion in the Book. FYI the fee for submitting new entries for this year's awards is also £350/£250.


As someone that is committing to featuring in the Book we will respond to you with a confirmed place at the seminar. Any colleagues you would like to bring will be added to a wait-list and we hope to confirm their places in the week preceding the seminar.
We will respond to you about the places you are requesting in the week preceding the seminar.
You can see the agenda for the seminar here
Other people that would like to attend as well.
Other people that would like to attend as well.
We are also interested in submitting entries on these topics