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Involving Your Audience With All Their Senses
Finalist in the Coaching/Development category
Experiential learning which pulls on as many of the senses as possible, to leave lasting memories and enable our agents network to fully understand what they are selling.

Technology For High Impact Blended Training
Winner in the Technology for People category
Virtual environments give our travel agents an experience of our product, which would otherwise be very difficult, were we to try and get 20,000 travel agents onboard our cruise ships.

[callout1]Royal Caribbean’s shortlisted entry for the 2011 Peer Awards[/callout1]

e-Learning as a Virtual Experience: Online Training in the 21st Century
Finalist in the Technology for Learning category
A relaunched online e-learning programme to promote the Royal Caribbean brand across the Travel Trade. After establishing a reputation for innovative e-learning, direct competitors started catching up. Hence the need to continue to innovate.

[callout1]Royal Caribbean’s shortlisted entry for the 2010 Peer Awards[/callout1]

e-Learning and Social Media
Finalist in the Learning, Knowledge & Technology category
e-Learning and social media to engage a network of travel agents to actively promote their cruise packages – a successful formula now emulated by their competition. How they now work very closely with Marketing and Sales, developing a corporate-wide strategy to help remain in the forefront of the sector.

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