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Established 237 years ago in Japan, Takeda has been serving society with innovative medicines and helping patients reclaim valuable moments of life from illness and become one of the world’s leading companies.

Takeda Turkey started its operations in 2009 and expanded 3 times since then. In 2015, Takeda acquired a local portfolio and launched Specialty Care products. This big transformation opened a new chapter in Turkey’s history.

In 2015, new  HR department was built in order to achieve the most important objective of the transformation which is ‘Being The Best Employer in the Eyes of Employees’.  Before the acquisition there were only 80 employees in Takeda Turkey and 270 new employees joined the company during this transformation. The company has grown very fast in terms of the number of employees, but there were no HR systems, programs in place. New HR team immediately started to identify the most critical focus areas for the employees. A Global Engagement Survey was conducted in 2014 and  the engagement level was only 34% which was a very critical result. HR team used the outcomes of this survey and started focus groups with different levels of the organization in order to understand the needs of employees. The structured workshop results showed that there was a significant need for improving reward system of the organization and a new Employee Recognition Program was decided to build.

Need of Employee Recognition Program 

Before starting to design of the new rewarding program, management team has identified the most critical capabilities and behaviors in the organization to achieve goals and transformation. The most critical objective of the new rewarding program was linking these capabilities and behaviors with our recognition methodology to reinforce the behavioral changes in the organization.

In addition to this objective, the new rewarding program has also required to cover the development areas which were identified by the employees during the workshop.

The Additional Goals of New Rewarding Program as the Outcomes of the Workshop:

  • In Takeda Turkey, achievements are only celebrating only once a year
  • There are several achievements during the year, but only have a few categories of awards for celebrating these achievements
  • Great achievements are rewarding , but small achievements are not appreciate
  • Employees wish they had the chance to choose their prize and reward (e.g: holiday, training etc)

Previous reward system was only giving chance to employees to be awarded once a year and only great achievements were appreciated.

In the light of these outcomes and goals Takeda Turkey HR team decided to create a unique, innovative, personalized, 24/7 accessible and well established ONLINE INCENTIVES PROGRAM which is called TOPI (Takeda Online Point-based Incentives)

Aim and Main Focus of TOPI

  • Personalized & Unique Awards
  • 24/7 award
  • Time-independent and non-spatial
  • Remarkable awards for Great achievements and appreciation for minor success
  • Not only once a year, continuous rewarding

All Takeda Turkey employees have an account for the online TOPI system. All managers have an individual budget to award and appreciate their employees’ success via the online system during the year. TOPI is also available for smart phones and tablets as IOS application.

Managers have access to see their teams, yearly budget and applied awards with balance. They also see award categories and points in their accounts. TOPI system enables managers to add personalize note while assigning an award to their teams. That makes personal touch and unique connection between managers and employees.

Employees can see award details and messages from TOPI. When manager assigns an award from the system, employee receives an e-mail with manager’s appreciation message. Employee can enter TOPI and see assigned points and gift options. Employees can accumulate his/her points or use points whenever they want.

TOPI system is integrated with an online shopping portal and employees can spend their award points in the shopping portal as they wish.

We believed that the communication and promotion of the system and rewarded employees by TOPI was crucial for the success of the program. Therefore, monthly and quarterly communications were continuously shared with employees which included creative and promotion contents.

This communication campaign doubled the satisfaction of employees from this rewarding program. Employees were honored with photographs with the awards that they bought from the system.

With this initiative we not only offered employees an online and ongoing rewarding system, but also we have boosted the family environment in the company by the continuous communication campaign which enables employees share stories with their colleagues.

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Measurable Benefits and the  KPIs of the program:

  • Increase engagement score from 34% to 78% ( Based on comparison between 2014 and 2017 year Engagement Scores)
  • Increase in satisfaction from rewarding programs of the company: Rewarding question score in engagement survey was increased from 27% to 71%.
  • Extending reward culture for whole company
  • Encouraging managers to assign awards for each employee
  • Regrettable loss 0% in Fiscal Year 2017 
  • Number of awarded employees up to now 264
  • Amount of total assigned awards points: 160.500,00 TRY ( 40.000 GBP)
  • 45 different award option were used ( holiday, gift card, training, clothing, shop card, relaxation etc )

There were 3 main challenges to implement a strong rewarding program in Takeda Turkey:

  1. 70% of the employees work in the field and they are spread all accross the country. So, there was a physical challenge to make them feel appreciated. The online platform enabled us to recognize all employees for their success no matter which city they live and work.
  2. Each employee has different interests and needs. It was so hard to offer a unique rewarding methodology which satisfies all expectations. Integrating a shopping portal to the rewarding system was the most appreciated feature by our employees. They also had a chance to buy discounted gift vouchers and travel options, etc. via TOPI.
  3. Employees wanted to be recognized for their small contributions not only by their managers, but also by their colleagues. Continuous communication campaigns and photographs of the employees while using their awards with their family enabled them to share their success and enjoyable moments with their colleagues.

One of the most important elements of Takeda’s commitment to its employees is to appreciate and reward employees for their success.  Implementing different practices for rewarding employees helped us to spread the rewarding culture to the whole company. Unique and innovative rewarding initiative gave us a chance to appreciate our employees and give them a genuine applause. It also helped us to increase the commitment and loyalty of our employees.

Please watch the video to see the system and learn more about how it works…

Recognition Program was not only for appreciation of employees, but also for inspiring and engaging the employees toward an enriched recognition culture. The new rewarding program is designed in line with the most important prioritization of Takeda Turkey; “putting employees in the hearth of everything by caring and appreciating their achievements”

In line with transformation and engagement objectives, Takeda Turkey has implemented reward program and achieved a great impact in the eyes of our employees. Please find our lessons learned and future outlook below:

  • The importance of personalized and unique awarding for employees: They feel more connected and valuable.
  • The importance of technology usage and accessibility that gives opportunity to reach award program whenever employees and managers want.
  • The importance of establishing a living and active rewarding system (not only at certain periods of year)
  • As a result of exit interviews, our employees’ answers showed that Reward systems are recognized to play a vital role in attracting and retaining employees
  • Strong and innovative communications were vital for this project, employees awareness has increased with communication.
  • Turkey Team inspired other countries in order to build an online reward program for future implementation.
  • Next year, non-monetary awards will be add to TOPI such as dinner with management team, mentoring, career coaching from HR Executive etc .With this implementation, we are expecting permanence increase.

Creative and inspirational deployment initiatives were developed to overcome the challenge of the busy agenda of leaders and employees. Using “Live Streams” helped to implement development strategy with the conflicting needs of the organization.