Corporate Responsibility award entry

Sustainability is built into our business model. Our World Our Future (OWOF) brings this all together under a clear and coherent programme.

It is essential to make our business fit for the future and to promote a professional, skilled and motivated workforce, while investing in initiatives that improve and build a vibrant and resilient society. The video below shows DP World’s business journey of growth in 2017, and how sustainability is a consistent within this ongoing journey.

Our wide-ranging sustainability efforts – including our Global Education Programme, the largest solar rooftop project in the Middle East, and Global Volunteer Week – promote a recognisable identity and approach. These efforts convey a collective responsibility across the company to build a sustainable business and be an active participant in the communities we operate in.

Supporting our own sustainability mandate – OWOF – the “Get-Into Logistics” programme was designed to transform the lives of young people and provide a future for those aged 16 – 30 yrs. old who aren’t in employment, education or training for various reasons. These barriers could be anything from mental health, homelessness, through to educational underachievement. The programme is designed to help individuals overcome these barriers and includes industry specific training and employability skills such as CV and interview preparation, followed by a work experience placement with local employers. This programme is referral based and is completely free and does not affect a young person’s Jobseeker’s Allowance. The Prince’s Trust and its industry partner cover all local travel costs, and in some instances, support with lunch and childcare costs during the course.

The “Get-Into Logistics” programme that DP World London Gateway took an active role in (between 13 September to 13 October 2017) included seven participants from South Essex, one female and 6 males who were all unemployed at the time. They benefitted from the following training:
• A four-week programme with two weeks training in the industry at South Essex College.
• A level 2 certificate in Emergency First Aid and effective team work. Many of the young people on the course suffered mental health issues which required dedicated one-one support from The Prince’s Trust.
• On completion all active participants were offered the opportunity to receive mentoring for up to six months.

An interim report from the Prince’s Trust was sent to DP World London Gateway outlining the impact of the 2017 “Get-Into Logistics” programme’s is included as a PDF to support this submission.

As part of the course, they spent a day at DP World London Gateway, gaining an insight into our world of logistics. This included a Q&A with a site tour of the Port, Logistics Park and warehouses, a rare opportunity to drive the quay crane simulator and playing the Business on the Move Board Game. A Power Point presentation of photographs showing the DP World London Gateway site visit highlights is included as a PDF in this submission.

The “Get-Into-Logistics” programme has two key challenges to overcome in 2018, one to ensure that job opportunities or apprenticeships are relevant and available for the young people participating in the programme. The second was just as the “Get-Into-Logistics” programme was launched in 2017, Amazon opened an office in Tilbury offering jobs to young people, which made it difficult to recruit. So a key learning for us and the Prince’s Trust was that in order to run a successful logistics programme there is a need for additional larger partner organisations to join in and support. Both these issues have been addressed, and DP World London Gateway is now hosting “a taster day” for the “Get-Into Logistics” programme on 28th March prior to the course starting on the 9th April 2018 with an additional course offered in September/ October 2018. In addition, DP World London Gateway will be partnering with UPS to host the April 2018 “Get-Into Logistics” programme. A promotional flyer outlining the upcoming “Get-Into Logistics” Programme is included as a PDF to support this submission.

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In 2016 the Prince’s Trust helped another seven young people in south Essex through the foundation course of the “Get-Into” methodology. In 2017 DP World London Gateway matched that number with its bespoke “Get-Into-Logistics” programme.

DP World London Gateway “Get-Into Logistics” programme achieved the following impacts:
• Targeted skills shortages in the port and logistics sector in South Essex.
• Supported young people into employment by giving them exposure and possible work experience, and boosting their confidence to enable them to improve teamwork, interview and communication skills.
• Maximised potential employment opportunities through direct involvement in the development and delivery of the bespoke “Get-Into Logistics” programme.

Since completing the “Get-Into Logistics” programme, all seven of the young people have either gone into work, further training or have been assigned a mentor to help them find a job.

Steve Lindsay, MBE is a Local Ambassador and Volunteer for The Prince’s Trust in East of England, and he endorsed the “Get-Into-Logistics” programme after he mentored the 2017 graduates.

The Prince’s Trust helps young people overcome barriers and get their lives working. DP World London Gateway – a world class, market leading group in Ports and Global Logistics- recognises the huge impact on both the aspirations and potential of young people attending the “Get Into Logistics” programme. The Prince’s Trust values its collaborative partnership with DP World both now, and in the future.


A key strength of the “Get-Into Logistics” programme is its unique employer-led approach to free skills-based training for disadvantaged young people, through which the Prince’s Trust broader “Get Into” methodology can be further developed, so bringing together employers and young people.

To learn more about how The Prince’s Trust’s “Get Into” short courses impact, innovate and inspire , see the video below.

The “Get-Into” methodology is run in partnership with employers and aims to develop skills, improve communication skills and confidence, ultimately leading to paid employment.

At DP World London Gateway, the “Get-Into Logistics” programme inspired employees to:

  • Break down barriers between employers and young people by bridging the skills and generation gap,
  • Foster relationships with training providers,
  • Strengthen relationships with customers which has resulted in some of the young people being employed by them, and
  • Seek senior management support for other sustainability initiatives (after seeing the end result).

If the programme were to be implemented differently, and as referenced in the Entry section above, DP World London Gateway would be aware of clashing with peak recruitment time for the logistics sector – i.e. the lead up to Christmas. During our first programme intake, we found it very difficult to recruit young people for the course. A lesson learnt would have been to make sure future programmes take into account such periods or be aware of other sector recruitment campaigns. To resolve this recruitment issue, we have undertaken the following steps:

  • Worked closely with the local job centre,
  • Engage referral bodies to ensure awareness of the programme is maximized, and
  • Involve partners who already understand the course content.