People and Performance award entry from Borusan Holding

Borusan , which has been conducting deep -rooted young talent program for 27 years in line with its vision and strategies, aim that employ successful young people and make them to be a leader. In 2017, has renewed its talent program and processes in line with the changing and developing needs of the new generation.

Borusan , which has supported 300 successful young people within the program by employing them until today, have provided opportunities, invested in development and talent and showed a human-oriented approach, as a result of which, 85 out of the 300 people still works in Borusan today and 54 people continue their career as “leader” and keep getting promoted.

Targeting to be among the top institutions preferred by young people as an employer brand, Borusan has made it a focal point of talent program strategies to reach the right people in the right place with the right messages.

Having decided to restructure the talent program under a new employer brand strategies in line with the needs and expectations of the new generation, Borusan has set the starting point in the Universium 2017 Ideal Employer Survey and analysed the requirements for reaching the top line. The fact that sectors that Borusan take part has a low preference ratio among young people is an important determinant, as well as, the expectations of students from an employer according to the research which are professional training and development, clear career path and international work and travel opportunities are the biggest criterion in the reshaping of the program.

Young Talent Program supported by Borusan top management sponsorship; with the goal of strengthening the employer brand perception, has been renewed in the context of communication, recruitment process, candidate experience, development journey and career planning processes. In order to create an image of an employer brand that represents “innovative”, “visionary” and “youth”, Borusan has been renamed the Talent Program as “Borusan Alpha” which represents the concepts of leadership and pioneering; promising, original and catchy.

Borusan analysed its target group and tried to reach them through many different channels in line with the renewed employer branding strategy. Borusan targets successful students who studied in the prominent universities of Turkey.  Borusan has created interest among young people in its remarkable messages and communication, which emphasizes the dynamic and innovative aspect of the program.

Borusan, which uses a variety of channels in its communication strategies and prepares contents and studies in accordance with the dynamics of all channels, has reached the students through various creative campaigns both on the field and on social networks.

In 2018, Borusan started to organize the “Borusan Workshop” meetings in order to support the Alpha process and reach young talent in universities more efficiently.  Borusan Workshop meetings are a series of networking activities with a theme such as  “why having a hobby can help your career?”, “innovation” and “real engineering stories” in each workshop potential talents are brought together and provided by a networking platform. In the first half of the workshop, a discussion session has been conducted by a Borusan leader regarding the theme and in the second half the participants has attended a case study session designed as a board game. Through these discussion and case study sessions, a close relationship with talents is established in order to express Borusan in a realistic way.  One of the most interesting and remarkable one of Borusan Workshop activities was the one with the theme called “What would I do if I were 20 years old with this state of mind?” led   by CEO of Borusan which had over 150 participants. Agah Uğur (CEO) shared his experiences and career advices with a pleasant and entertaining conversation with the students.

It was observed that the Borusan Workshop activities had a significant impact on the Borusan Alpha process and thanks to the workshop series, four candidates who progressed till the last stage of the recruitment process were the Borusan Workshop participants

Borusan that regards university relations as an important part of young talent communication strategies, has not only participated in university career days but also has conducted branded courses and seminars with the support of the senior management.  Borusan, through university collaborations, comes together with students who are interested in Borusan and tries to explain the corporate life in academic lectures and how to transform their knowledge into practice.  Borusan, that held a 4-week seminar entitled “The Future of Logistics” to the students of Logistics faculty with the cooperation of Bahcesehir University, had a lot of interest in the seminars and realized the practice of branded courses in a logistics faculty that will last for the entire semester.


Borusan Alpha also concentrates on social media communication strategies. It has been implemented creative and effective communication efforts towards the target group in line with the needs of the institution through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Alpha teaser videos, 9 different videos about career and business in Borusan which are told by group managers, Borusan Workshop’s videos, advertisement announcements, and videos from plant visits have been shared. At the same time, in line with the regional needs targeted social media  campaigns were released.

Application and Assessment Processes

Program announcements were made on Toptalent, a career platform for young professionals, new graduates and students, where Borusan can reach the young people, which are the main target of it, easiest and most productively. It was also used Linkedin  as a detailed information and application source and – the biggest career platform of Turkey- to receive application for the program.


In the renewed process, candidates are able to apply for career websites that can be reached through Candidates who are found to be suitable, are invited to the online assessment stage after conducting a preliminary assessment of the CV. At this stage, candidates are firstly involved in the video interview phase.  Candidates took short videos containing their answers in response to questions prepared in accordance with the dynamics of the Borusan Alpha program and upload to an online platform.  After watching the video responses of candidates and evaluating their suitability for the job field they are applying to, candidates who are found to be suitable are invited to a General Ability Test and English Proficiency Test. Candidates who are successful in these stages are included in the “Assesment Center” designed according to Borusan’s competency model Candidates who are evaluated suitable in the Assessment Centre participate in interview with senior management at the last stage. After the interview, the process ends and the candidates who will join the Borusan family are determined.

Borusan communicated with 434 candidates via phone call whose profile is in the candidate database but hasn’t applied for Alpha Program.  As a result of this communication plan, 130 of candidates were interested in Alpha positions and participated to the assessment process. 167 candidates who has been currently continuing their university education were directed to the internship programs.

As a result of all resource creation and talent extraction strategies, Borusan attracted candidates in 2018 with Borusan Alpha and received a total of 12749 applications. A total of 2962 people whose assessment was done regarding their CV was accepted.

With the new approach, Borusan restructured all stages of the talent program in such a way that the candidates can be assessed the most effective way and be observed individually.Along with the renewal of the program, Borusan realized applications from more qualified, skilled and suitable candidates. In line with the HR’s digitalization goals, tests and interviews carried on the online platform which simplified and accelerated the process. Besides, senior students who participate in recruitment processes, are able to get free from the time problem and participate in the applications with ease. The Assessment Center, which is one of the last stages and where the candidates physically contacted Borusan for the first time, has been positioned as a more competitive stage. Borusan, who is very interested in observing one-to-one and establishing close relationships with the candidates, conducts a multi-directional assessment with this application by conducting face-to-face interviews with both the Human Resources teams and the business line managers

Effects of Social Media Communication

During the all advertisement campaign on social media between February 7 – 21

with 19 different content over 3 channels; in Bursa special Instagram post between 26 February – 5 March :

2,500,000 Access


34,000 Clicks

12,749 Application  were received.

2,962 candidates’ assessment results were successful.


The number of candidates whose assessment results were successful has increased by 23% compared to the previous period.

When all campaigns carried out in social media are taken into account;

Total Clicks/Total Access Rate is:

 LinkedIn: 3.21% (while the average of Turkey is 0.3% and  average of high Interaction companies is 1%)

Instagram: 1% (while the average of Turkey is 0.4% and  average of high Interaction companies is 0.75%)

Facebook: 2% (while the average of Turkey is 0.75% and  average of high Interaction companies is 1.3%)

95% access has been received through social media and other communication channels.

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Borusan has increased the number of qualified applications compared to previous periods thanks to its innovative approaches, good analysis of the needs of the target groups and communication studies appropriate to the dynamics of different communication channels. Establishing fruitful relations with the students in the universities, ownership of the courses with their expertise in the sector has also positively affected the target group as an employer brand.


Borusan surpassed its goal and received a total of 12,749 applications  and the number of candidates whose assessment was successful increased by 23% compared to the previous period.

Borusan has taken its experience of years-long talent management program one step further, shaping the program by listening and analyzing the needs of the new generation beyond needs of the group. With the work carried out on the field, young talents were offered the chance to get to know the group closely and students were able to see and experience the privileges of working in Borusan closely.

Borusan will continue to improve its work in the upcoming period. Having achieved a good communication with young people through the program, Borusan will continue to work with the needs, changing and rapidly developing sectoral dynamics and technology.

Borusan Alpha, a project compatible with many sectors of Borusan, is a work that can be adapted both locally and globally and make difference with its positive results.