People and Performance award entry



2017 was a big part of our journey to land and embed significant cultural change. When looking for role models of our new Leadership behaviours, we didn’t need to look any further than our own leader, Emma. Emma has been a successful leader in front line and central roles through her ability to inspire a team. Emma has an unswerving tenacity to champion and consistently live and breathe our Values and Behaviours. There has been no complacency from Emma on the size of the challenge across our Division and she is constantly looking at what we can do next and what we can do even better and then inspires us to deliver by articulating a really clear vision.




Emma’s leadership style is energetic and passionate, she always seeks to collaborate and listen to the diversity of perspective. She is known for ‘walking the talk’ and will never ask someone to do something she wouldn’t do herself. Emma has created a reputation for being an expert in the business and is considered a trusted advisor to her peers, stakeholders and the leadership team. She will always be engaged and consulted in the design of any cultural initiatives or projects with a cultural impact. Emma invests significant personal time and energy in bringing her team together with a clear single purpose and recognises her team consistently to demonstrate they are truly valued and as a result all colleagues want to contribute to the single team vision.

Inspiring and Influencing across the business:

Having been a successful leader in both branch and central function roles, Emma has harnessed her practitioner experience across the Division demonstrating empathy for colleagues in her landing and embedding approach taken with her initiatives. Emma is approachable, caring, clear in her leadership communications and direction and has a unique ability to focus and deliver on the important priorities of the business whilst also embracing her team and bringing her people with her on the journey in a down to earth and friendly way.

“Emma has empowered me and given me the confidence to run a Division wide programme with insightful direction. Emma doesn’t give you the answer she coaches you to find it yourself and this is the kind of leadership skill we should all aspire to have”

“I have never seen anyone work a room like Emma does, networking and keeping relationships alive. Truly engaging”

“Emma is focused on the team winning by winning together, on individual and collaborative team development. Add in humorous and very very teamy; an inspirational leader”

Colleague Development

Emma is passionate and selfless about colleague development, making it a personal mission to guide, support and challenge colleagues to be their brilliant best through challenging them to think differently. Emma actively seeks out opportunities to inspire and build confidence within her team, coaching colleagues effectively to reach their full potential through raw honesty and passion to make a difference. Emma formally and informally mentors many colleagues around the business as she is recognised as a role model, and is often used as a sounding board. Emma empowers everyone around her to be the best they can.  Through her belief and encouragement in you as an individual she naturally helps you bring out your best. Emma is always on hand to offer help, support and motivate when required.  Even more importantly offer those words of encouragement when most needed often before you realise you need them yourself.

“Emma was caring, persistent, fair and above all a friend when I was having some challenges at work. She helped me come through the other side and her support has helped to make me a better leader”

The key thing that stands out to us all is that Emma knows and demonstrates that colleagues are essential to our success as a team and as a result she puts us first.

Emma’s leadership style has inspired and empowered us to lead by example in Colleague Engagement & Responsible Business and deliver our priorities in 2017 – which has been evidenced through our projects that have been detailed in our other nominations. We asked Emma to record a message for us (which she thinks is being used as part of our Leadership role modelling work!) but we wanted to show you how passionate she is about our Values & Behaviours and why we think she deserves to win this award.

“Emma leads from the front with conviction and passion. She embodies the true virtues of a leader; tenacity, ability to listen, quest for the truth and downright compassion are all the tenets that we hold dear in our organisation and she role models them every day. I thoroughly enjoy working with Emma. She is witty, smart and has her finger on the pulse. Thank you Emma for all you do for Community Banking and the wider Group.”