Corporate Responsibility award entry

Our CSR Activity:

During our 25 years history, we have undertaken many activities to support our local community projects, the development of future generations, and protect and develop the environment for the enjoyment of all. As an automotive manufacturing organisation, we recognise that the earth’s resources are finite, and that we have a responsibility towards preserving the environment and providing a brighter future for generations to come.


After achieving and maintaining zero landfill since 2006, and undertaking improvement activities to reduce the amount of energy used by the Company, we identified that as one of the largest employers within Telford, and with unutilised land on the site, the opportunity exists to harness the actions of our workforce that contributes to the local Telford community, and to utilise our premises for environmental engagement and educational purposes of our future generations.

DENSO Manufacturing UK Ltd – Eco Garden

In 2009 Denso Manufacturing UK Ltd commenced a project to develop an Eco-Garden that could create a bio diverse environment for local wildlife/flora and act as a backdrop against which the Company could engage with local educational establishments, as well as its own Associates.

Currently through the Eco-Garden, we work collaboratively with local wildlife conservation/ interest groups in creating the garden habitats to ensure sustainable bio-diversity. Associates volunteer time and skills to develop and maintain the garden, whilst the Company utilizes it to host family/educational events, and engage Associates through activities such as adopting allotments. With the help of the local Wildlife Trust we have planted trees which are attractive to endangered species of butterfly and have mapped a range of activities in the garden as suitable to National Curriculum educational Key Stages, which helps us involve local schools and provide opportunities for pupils to take a break from the classroom to do some hands on activities in our eco-garden. Additionally, much of the infrastructure within the eco-garden has been developed utilising redundant materials from our manufacturing operations (for example; redundant conveyor belts as ground sheeting for pathways).

Community Projects


Through our Corporate Social Responsibility framework, we have identified nine community projects that are relevant and engaging to our Associates, and the broader Telford Community.


These projects have bene identified with the aim of positively contributing to all life stages, and include working with children’s charities, the elderly, and the homeless. Additionally, we are actively supporting projects which can benefit the whole community, such as working closely with Shropshire and Newport Canal Trust in their redevelopment at Wappenshall Canal Basin, working with schools on Junior Road Safety to improve road safety for our future generations, and the Wellington Cottage Care Trust in their actions to raise awareness of their activities to support the elderly and improve their facilities.


Through our business operations, we have a significant supply chain, which we seek to also engage towards Corporate Social Responsibility. During the 2017 Birmingham Velo we entered two teams who successfully participated and raised £25,000 for local worthy causes, which included the engagement of our supply chain in sponsorship activities. Further imminent activities are joint participation in other sporting events, such as the Shrewsbury Half-Marathon in June 2018.


We recognise that the engagement and participation of Associates towards our CSR activities is fundamental to our success. As a participation point, we have recently held a competition where Associates can choose a local charity as one of our Community Projects. We call this the Associate Charity of Choice, and the Charity was selected using a token-voting system, whereby quantity of tokens distributed to a Associates was based on a number of factors, including service, contribution to business objectives and recognition of extra effort. Shortlisted charities were sponsored by a member of the Senior Management Team and were then able to attend site to highlight their activities and the impact that they had on the community. This activity was successful against the objectives of raising our profile of activities and Associate engagement, with over double the amount of anticipated tokens being distributed during the voting period. The final selected charity has now been established as our 9th Community Project, and is currently being supported by the Company and our Associates.



DENSO’s goal of Bringing hope for the future of our planet, society and all people is part of our fundamental mission and long-term policy. We recognise that we have a responsibility to society, and that this responsibility to society is important to the profile, success and stability of the Company. Our challenge has been to firstly understand how we can engage our workforce in our mission and then identify and implement concrete actions and have a tangible impact on our local community.

Our recent activities, the participation of our Associates and the relationships and support activities that we have developed with local charities and good causes has enabled us to blend our business operations, our workforce and the needs of our community as demonstration of how business can work in harmony with and contribute to the our community.


Through our CSR activities, we set out to tangibly impact on our local community with a particular aim of supporting all people, of all ages. We appreciate that there are many local good causes requiring support, so we carefully considered how we can have a sustained and wide ranging impact to working within our local community. Our approach of 9 Community Projects has enabled us to have such an impact. Our approach lent itself to developing close partnerships with the Community with a focus on:

Associate engagement towards our Corporate Social Responsibility activity

Appreciation of the social and economic challenges within the local area, and efforts to address these

Positively impacting on a varied populous

Long term community projects for the benefit of current and future generations

Working with educational establishment for the benefit future generations

Collaboration between charities, business and the workforce

Our CSR activities have had a positive impact on the awareness of the needs of charitable organisations, the social and economic challenges of the area, and on the image of manufacturing and engineering careers.

The community projects supported and our work with educational establishments have generated sustainable links between business and the community, and act as a foundation for future activity, with many positive comments from business, charities, and local authorities.

2018 will see further development of these links as we develop our activities with educational establishments to highlight career pathways in engineering and manufacturing, and challenge STEM skills gaps.

Our activity towards engagement of our Associates and supply chain has had demonstrable success in inspiring others, with our Associates and our supply chain partner proactively suggesting further areas and activities of support.

Furthermore, we have recently been recognized by multiple awards, including the:

·         International CSR Excellence Awards for Community Commitment

·         Green World Award for the automotive sector

This recognition we are using to further engage our Associates and supply chain.

We are very proud to have been an active member of the community for the past 25 years and look forward to contributing further to our community.

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