We summarise here the key steps in the process for Peer Awards candidates.

Online registration (using link on menu above) enables us to create your personalised Peer Awards Dashboard. This is where you draft and submit your entries and later is also where you will be able to review other entries and vote for winners.

You should know which of our four awards you wish to enter, and the number of different submissions you plan to make for each. Take a look at the Enterprise Award option if you plan a few entries for more than just one of the awards. Also you will need to provide your organisation’s logo. This image can be uploaded from your computer or can be provided as a link to your logo at a publicly accessible internet location.

When you complete and submit the registration form, the system will ask you to verify your email address. Please make sure that you have access to your corporate email (as opposed to a generic email like gmail or Hotmail etc.) so we can verify the organisation that you work for – which is how we vet finalists and judges for quality assurance of the integrity of the Peer Awards.

At the checkout page press the [complete] button to confirm your order and for your Dashboard to be generated. The invoice will need to be settled before we consider your submitted entries for nomination.

You may draft as many entries as you like online at your Dashboard and keep making revisions until you (and any colleagues) are happy that they are ready to be submitted. Only when you submit an entry do you use up a credit.

You will need to select the award category you would wish an entry to be considered for. We may subsequently adjust the final list of categories to best suit the entries that get nominated.

Our entry form is completely flexible, enabling you to simply re-use materials that you may have already prepared for other award entries or communications. You can provide a mixture of text (as little or as much as you choose), images, video and PDF. Our two suggestions are the you provide an executive overview first, supplemented with reference materials for judges that wish to dig deeper, and that you ensure you address each of the judging criteria (impact, innovation and inspiration).

When your entry is ready to submit, click the ‘thumbs up’ icon on the dashboard and select the free-of charge bonus that you would like from the options offered. If the ‘Thumbs up’ icon is in black and white and not coloured, then this means that there is still some information we need from you in order for you to submit an entry.

You may find that one of your entries could be suitable for more than one category in this award, or for another category in one or more of the other awards. It will be possible for you to resubmit what is basically the same entry for other categories, for a reduced fee. The entry itself will need to remain the same, but you are invited to change the title, the strap-line and the main picture. If you know that it is your intention to do this, then we suggest that you make sure that your entry is phrased in a way that addresses the different categories. Each such entry will be considered for nomination on its merits.

Rather than simply just declining or nominating submitting entries, we frequently revert back to a candidate with requests and suggestion for edits, so that we can hopefully nominate every entry that has the potential to be a winner, which is our intention.

Once your entry is nominated you will be offered a further selection of options.

Being nominated is something to celebrate. Every year we receive a very high quality of entries, and so being included amongst those selected is an honour and an achievement in itself. We send you an electronic badge that you can use, and are delighted to showcase your entry at our website after the judging is complete.

When all the nominations are complete we finalists the categories and assign a quorum of nominated entries to each. It is when the shortlist is announced is that finalist discover the specific award categories that their nominated entries are in, and is also when they learn about the other entries that are in the same category.
At the awards ceremony we announce the winners of each award category and of each award as a whole. Also, at the Peer Awards ceremony, we announce the winners of the various industry sector, geographical region and judging criteria award, as well as the Grand Winner of the overall Peer Awards. In addition candidates with three or more nominated entry for an award are able to be celebrated in an award for their own category that features just their nominated entries, and enterprises with multiple nominations across the award are may be celebrated for their own award.