You can be acknowledged as a Finalist and your entry can go all the way through to winning a coveted Peer Award for Excellence, based on the ratings the online presentation of your entry receives from fellow professionals.

How to Enter
Talk with us

What you can Be


Judges are peers
Everyone who participates with us reviews a selection of other entries and helps determine the winners


Finalists' ideas are shared
Submissions are reviewed by fellow professionals, and Finalists benefit from acknowledgement


Peers choose the winners
Winners are announced and celebrated at the annual sumptuous Peer Awards Ceremony

The Peer Awards are run by and for the peer community

Recognition for innovative Corporate Responsibility, Customer Engagement and People & Performance ideas and for Communicating about them
The Peer Awards for Excellence are open and democratic because the Finalists are also Judges

Step by Step (for 2016/17)

2016 was our first year where the Peer Awards have been judged online. We have learned a great deal from the experience and look forward to streamlining the process for the 2017/18 Peer Awards.

  • You Register: You can immediately submit an entry and judge finalists. Please remit the fee so your entry can be processed.

  • You Enter: With simple text explain how your initiative is great, and add any Entry Options that suit.

  • Being Nominated as a Finalist: If your submission is nominated your presentation (with added visuals) goes forward for online peer review, it may be (edited and) showcased at our website and could feature in our media exposure.

  • Being Showcased: If not nominated your (edited) presentation may still feature at our website and in our media exposure.

  • Being Shortlisted: At the start of 2017 we announce the shortlists.

  • Be a Winner: You become a Peer Awards Winner if your entry is the highest-rated for your sector, location or category.

  • Be a Speaker: Possibly be invited to present at the Peer Awards Summit.

Top Ten Benefits

  • EASY: Entry is short and online, we can help you with it and you don’t need to travel anywhere to present to judges

  • PARTICIPATION: Uniquely winners are determined by fellow finalists; we don’t have the usual panel of so-called experts

  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: It’s special when your fellow professionals say that they find your work interesting and innovative

  • INSPIRATION: Learn what works (and what doesn’t) first-hand from successful innovative practitioners in your field

  • INFLUENCE: Your innovative ideas can inspire fellow professionals, and so live on in their work

  • EXPOSURE: Your work can feature online and in the media – 2015 finalists featured in a national newspaper

  • CONNECTION: Make direct contact with innovative fellow practitioners around the globe doing work that interests you

  • RECOGNITION: Possibly be invited to speak at the prestigious Peer Awards Summit

  • GLOBAL: An online global platform for the sharing of innovative ideas with fellow professionals wherever they work

  • IT’S YOURS: The Peer Awards are run openly and democratically by and for the peer community