[callout1] We are still open for last-minute Customer Engagement submissions.

We are closed for Corporate Responsibility and People & Performance entries.[/callout1]

There’s three things to know about the fees if you are planning to submit an entry to the Peer Awards.

Please go to the Conference area of this site if you want to attend the conference instead.

To encourage as much participation as possible by removing any financial gamble of entering, the Peer Awards are risk-free to enter. There is nothing to pay unless you are a Peer Awards Finalist.

The package offers covers entry in The Independent and your conference and awards ceremony places. This applies only as and when you become a Finalist, and there are no hidden costs.

The Premium Options offer extra support for your entry, more participation for your colleagues and any partner organisations, and greater exposure in the media. They are offered as optional extras.

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    [callout1] Pack Fees[/callout1] One shortlisted entry @ £1,995. Subsequent shortlisted entries @ £900.

    Fees are due on being confirmed as a finalist.
    VAT will be added.

    [callout1]The Premium Options

    Additional support, extra places, greater exposure for your entry and for your commercial partners and a later deadline for your visuals.

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