Winners of the 2016/17 Peer Awards.

The overall winner of the 2016-17 Peer Awards for Excellence is Yes Foundation for “YES! i am the CHANGE”, a mind-set transformation program inculcating the value of responsible citizenship amongst youth through the impactful medium of films.

To see any of the entries in full detail just click or where displayed. This will take you to their showcase page (with the peer review form so you can see how the Peer Awards judging process worked last year).

See the previous year’s results here.

Category Awards

The nominated entries have been classified within our three awards into these nine categories, where each has a winner. There are also a couple of entries that did not win their category but came top for the Inspiration judging criterion who are recognised.

Industry Sector Awards

The nominated entries have been grouped together (across awards) by industry sector, and those that are in a sector of their own have been grouped together into a “niche” sector. The winner in each industry sector will be acknowledged.

Global Region Awards

Now the the Peer Awards are judged online the participation has become more international. Here we group the nominated entries (across awards) by region, and the winner of each will be acknowledged.