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The uniquely engaging & exciting 2020 Peer Awards for Excellence, where finalists are also judges and feature in our upcoming book at Amazon, are now closed for entry

in Customer Engagement

Finalists inspire fellow professionals in other industry sectors and geographical regions by sharing their successful initiatives and innovative ideas online at this website and in a book that will be available at Amazon.

1. The Awards
are Peer Awards for Corporate Responsibility, for Customer Engagement and for People & Performance. Each award has its own dedicated page at this website and you can click an another award to read about the categories, deadlines, fees and entries from past years. We also present “Commitment to Excellence” awards to any company with at least three new nominated entries.

2. Entering
you sign-up we create your own personalised dashboard where you draft then submit an entry (or entries), with various options available for assistance from us; or with our Concierge Service it is us that draft your entries on your behalf, saving you time and assuring you of nomination for your suitable initiatives. Your entry should demonstrate impact in a target community and feature something innovative or creative about what has been done or how it has been done. Your entry can have as much or as little text as you like, pictures and one or two videos.

3. Being Nominated
like to nominate any entry that we believe has a chance of winning. Being nominated means that your entry will go forward for judging by fellow professionals, that it will feature in one or more shortlists for a Peer Award (subject to confirmation by the judges) and may therefore win one or more Peer Awards, and that it will be included in the Peer Awards Book. If your entry is nominated you may use a special “Peer Awards Finalist” e-button.

4. Peer Judging
A feature of the Peer Awards is that nominated entries are judged by fellow finalists. As a finalist you are invited to review online a selection of other entries for the same award, which involves possibly asking questions, rating each entry for impact and innovation and providing feedback if you wish. You then vote for the entry (other than your own) that you would like to see win.

5. The Winners
Category Winners are announced at a sumptuous champagne afternoon cream tea awards ceremony in London where they are presented with custom-engraved plaques. Recipients of “Commitment to Excellence” Awards (companies with at least three new entries nominated for an award) receive special signed framed certificates. Winners and finalists that do not attend can be mailed their plaques/certificates. If your entry is a category winner you may use a special “Peer Awards Winner” e-button; if it qualifies for a Commitment to Excellence award you can use a “Peer Awards Commitment to Excellence Award” e-button.

6. The Book
We will next year include every 2020 Peer Awards finalist (plus a selection from past years) in the Book we plan to print and make available at Amazon. This represents an exciting acknowledgement on a respected global platform that you can link to and keep, enabling us to celebrate your success alongside other innovative initiatives from many respected companies.

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New for 2020

All new finalists and a selection of previous years’ finalists will be invited to feature in the 1st edition of the Peer Awards Book we plan to publish.

A unique opportunity to be included in a prestigious publication available in print globally at

The 1st edition is due for publication in 2020, ahead of the launch of the 2021 Peer Awards for Excellence


These are the shortlists for this 2020 Peer Award for Excellence.


We are now awaiting the Awards Ceremony
The Awards Ceremony is planned for 28 February 2020, and a preview of the Book is due to be available around the same time.


We are now closed for entries to the 2020 Peer Awards for Excellence.

The Ceremony

The ceremony planned for February 2020 will again be a champagne afternoon cream tea at a prestigious Central London venue. It is here that all the finalists are acknowledged and the winners announced and celebrated.

Again this year is the opportunity (simply by submitting three or more nominated entries) to be guaranteed acknowledgement and success at the awards ceremony.

click for the awards ceremony page

Many ways to win

It is very easy to submit entries to the Peer Awards, and we are keen to nominate any (non-promotional) entry that is clearly expressed, shows an impact in its target community, is doing something different and is likely to interest fellow practitioners (that is the other finalists, who are also the judges). There are three types of Peer Award;

Competitive Award
for 1 or 2 nominated entries
As with most other business awards, your nominated entries are considered by the judges against others shortlisted for the same category, and the one with the most votes is declared the winner

Qualitative Award
for 3 or 4 nominated entries
As with awards such as graduating from university, attaining a certain standard can qualify you for an award. In our case this is an award for “Commitment to Excellence” if you have 3+ new entries nominated

Custom Award
for 5 or more nominated entries
We can work with you to create your own Peer Award, where you have multiple internal entries or many clients you would like to acknowledge with an award that is associated with your brand

The Peer Awards – Step by Step

We summarise here the five key steps in the process for Peer Awards candidates.

You may well already know which of our awards you wish to enter (you can enter for one, for two or for all three), and it could also know the number of different submissions you plan to make for each. Take a look at the Company Awards if you plan three or more entries as these offer something in addition. We ask for your organisation’s logo, either as an image that can be uploaded from your computer or in the form of a link to your logo at a publicly accessible internet location. We expect to also need this as a hi-res image for the Book.

When you complete and submit the signing-up form, the system will ask you to verify your email address. Please make sure that you have access to your corporate email (as opposed to a generic email like gmail or Hotmail etc.) so we can verify the organisation that you work for – which is how we vet finalists and judges for quality assurance of the integrity of the Peer Awards.

You may draft as many entries as you like online at your Dashboard and keep making revisions until you are happy that they are ready to be submitted.

You will need to select the award category you would wish an entry to be considered for – we may subsequently fine-tune the final list of categories, to best suit the entries that get nominated.

Our entry form is completely flexible, enabling you to simply re-use materials that you may have already prepared, for other award entries for instance. You can provide a mixture of text (as little or as much as you choose), images, video and PDF. Our two suggestions are that you provide an executive overview supplemented with reference materials for judges that wish to dig deeper, and that you ensure you address both judging criteria impact and innovation.

You will be invited to supplement your entry with insights that we might use when writing about your entry in the Book we plan to publish, but that will not be included in the submission being judged. You can wait on this until after the awards are finished, if you prefer,

When your entry is ready to submit, clickon the dashboard, say how many entry credits you would like and select any of the submission options offered you would like to apply.

You may find that an entry could be suitable for other categories as well – from this or another peer award. It will be possible for you to resubmit what is basically the same entry for other categories, but it should have a clearly distinctive focus, title, content and images in each case. After all the different versions could all be judged by the same people and they might not welcome duplication.

If your company is a supplier to business it is important that your entry be non-promotional; which means it should focus on the impact and innovation of a client that uses your products/services, rather than on your products/services directly.

Rather than simply just declining unsuitable entries, we can revert back to a candidate with requests and suggestions, so that we can hopefully nominate every entry that has the potential to be a winner, which is our preference.

Once your entry is nominated you will be offered a further selection of options.

Being nominated is something to celebrate. Every year we receive a very high quality of entries, and so being included amongst those selected is an honour and an achievement in itself. We send you an electronic badge that you can use, and are delighted to showcase your entry at our website after the judging is complete.

Also now of course, being nominated means you will feature in the Book.

When all the nominations are complete we finalise the categories and assign a quorum of nominated entries to each. It is when the shortlist is announced that finalists discover the specific award categories that their nominated entries are in, and is also when they learn about the other entries that are in the same category.

New for 2020: Confirmation of inclusion on the shortlist is subject to the agreement of the judges. It is possible that by the end of the judging process the consensus amongst the judges will be that some entries that were included by us ought to be omitted from the final list. In this way we the shortlists as well as the winners are now also determined by the peer community.

At the awards ceremony we announce the winners of the competitive awards for initiatives that are most innovative and that have the greatest impact for each category, for each award, and for each industry sector, geographical region, and for each of the judging criteria, as well as the initiative that is the Grand Winner of an overall Peer Award.

In addition we grant qualitative awards to candidates that have three or more entries nominated for an award. So for example, you could be guaranteed acknowledgement at the ceremony with a “2020 Peer Award for Commitment to Excellence in Customer Engagement”, and your company could be included in a special section in the Book. At the Awards Ceremony we also plan to acknowledge the company that performs best overall, which takes account of all their nominated entries.

Entries are invited from internal departments and from suppliers of relevant products and services.

Our one proviso is that the entry not be self-promotional, so that the nominated entries (which are basically case studies) can be presented to fellow professionals (the judges) untarnished by any sales agenda.

Entries should focus on one or more internal initiatives, all of which help present an innovative idea or approach. They can all have taken place within one client organisation, or across a number. An involved supplier can be acknowledged alongside the organisation in whose name the entry is submitted. Alternatively the entry can be in the supplier’s name, in the form of a case study championed by at least one end-user organisation.

Peer Review (Judging)

All finalists are invited to also be judges, and we anticipate that it will also be possible to register just as a judge without submitting any entries, to read, review and rate the nominated entries of interest, asking questions of the other finalists for further information and greater clarity where you wish. You may adjust your ratings later with the benefit of hindsight.


Because of issues of integrity that often surround sponsorship, we only offer sponsorship opportunities for companies that are not also (directly associated with) 2020 Peer Awards finalists.

The benefit of being a sponsor is to have your brand associated with an award category, one of the three awards or with the whole Peer Award, without needing to submit an entry that gets nominated. It gives your brand exposure and recognition at our website, at the Awards Ceremony and in the Peer Awards Book. Please enquire for details.

Alternatively, we have developed a unique proposition for sponsorship that maintains integrity and does not require additional funding. If your company has three or more new entries nominated for a Peer Award then you will qualify for a qualitative Peer Award for Commitment to Excellence (at no additional fee). As a vendor/supplier these three can be on behalf of different client companies. As this award is presented at the Awards Ceremony, showcased at our website and featured in the Book, this is a sure way to gain good exposure for your brand and at the same time possibly win one or more of our competitive awards.

You can customise this award to be in your brand’s name – much like it would be in a normal sponsorship – but featuring just your own (or your clients’) entries, with the winner being judged by our peer community. Please enquire for details.

This page may be updated from time to time to reflect changes as they occur

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